Landscape & Architecture

This is a collection of my favorite landscape and architecture shots over the years. I also have a few panoramic photos in here, which are far too wide to be displayed well on this page. They will expand if you mouse-over them, and you can click for the full version.

Italy (2016)

The Florence Cathedral ("Il Duomo di Firenze") at sunset

View of Vernazza in Cinque Terre from the Doria Castle

Upstate New York (2013)

Watkins Glen - stitch of 6 images

Watkins Glen - lower falls

France (2014)

Sunset over Normandy, France from the top of Mont Saint-Michel

Galápagos (2015)

Sunset behind the National Geographic Endeavour

National & State Parks

Sky View Meadows State Park (2012) in VA (click here for link)

Sky View Meadows - Panorama

Louis Lake - Panorama

Rutgers (2006)

Livingston Nature Preserve

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