Jason Rose, M.S.

I'm currently living in Atlanta, Georgia and working with a software company as a sales engineer. I received my B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2009) and my M.S. in ECE/Control Systems (2010) from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. My work (in both the present and past) has always revolved around the analysis of complex computer systems, including those deployed in corporate, retail, university, and government settings.

My interest in (and passion for) technology extends into my personal life; I've always enjoyed configuring, building, and repairing computers, as well as reading detailed descriptions of how their components function and interact with each other. I also make an effort to get the most out of my computer systems; for instance, by configuring various network services on my machine (such as this website), I'm able to stay connected when I'm away from home, and to connect with others to share my photography and other work.

I'm particularly interested in server-grade computing hardware. I recently built a large BSD/ZFS-based file server, which you can read about here. I'm also interested in enterprise-grade processing and networking and would like to start tinkering with compute clusters and 10Gbps networking but they both tend to be very expensive for home-gamers.

Outside the realm of technology, my interests include photography (some of my favorite shots can be seen here), bicycling, cars, reading, hiking/camping, hunting/shooting, and baseball. I'm a life-long Phillies fan and I try to get to as many games as I can.

Thank you for visiting, and feel free to contact me with questions, comments, etc:

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